Vertical Borers - ESP Machinery UAE

Vertical Boring

Heavy Duty Lathe

Radial Drill

Horizontal Boring

H Beam 700x400 | 3 Spindle | Robotic Feeding Arm | Hole Ø 50mm

Drum Ø 1600 | Drum length 10 Meters | Hole Ø 100mm

Pipe Ø 500mm | length = 12M | Plasma cutting with auto bevel function

Capacity 400 x 400 mm | Pipe Type: Rectangle, C & L Channel

Drill Pipe, Casing, Drill Collar loading and Feeding Station for Oil Field Work Shop. Available in Scissor Type and Roll On & Roll Off Design

ESP Machinery Middle East located at SAIF Zone Sharjah UAE

ESP Machinery Middle East located at SAIF Zone Sharjah UAE

Vertical Borers - ESP Machinery UAE

Heavy Duty Lathes - ESP Machinery UAE

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Recent News / Stuff From Our day to day activity

12 Dec

Hollow Spindle Lathe delivered to Nigeria

Just completed the delivery of a Hollow Spindle lathe and drip pipe handling equipment to an oil filed work in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

10 Nov

CNC Hollow Spindle Installed at Kuwait

Successfully completed the installation of a CNC Hollwo spindle lathe to one of the oldest oil field workshop in Kuwait

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